Polar logistics


Route of the expedition 2002-2003

- watercolor by France Pinczon du Sel (ORDER HERE) -

2011-2016: sailing and wintering for scientific projects in Greenland and Nunavut (Canada)

2009: Vagabond is labeled Heritage Interest Ship.

2004 - 2009: 5 winterings in Spitsbergen, logistics for DAMOCLES, in the context of the Polar Year.

2002 - 2003: Vagabond completed the first arctic circumnavigation (press release), via the North-East, and the North-West Passages.

Vagabond is an expedition yacht designed to sail in icy waters. Since 2000, she is a unique support of this type, a real floating base camp for scientists (collaboration with IPEV), adventurers or artists, fond of polar regions.

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Children of the cold (52', 2012, L'envol)
Five years for pack ice (15', 2010)

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Vagabond: a family, sea ice and dreams (2015)

Vagabond: one family, sea ice and dreams


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