Banquise sous surveillance

  • Ice Mass Balance devant Grise Fiord au clair de lune

That's it, the IMB (Ice Mass Balance) was deployed yesterday on the ice, 3 km from the village. After a few transmission tests from Grise Fiord, and with the hunters' agreement, we first had to carry the equipment to the selected site and drill several holes in the ice before setting up the instruments (designed to measure and attribute thermodynamic changes in the mass balance of the sea ice cover during freezing and melting stages). Everyone will soon be able to access on the Internet all data sent daily by satellite, until early July. The IMB will be recovered before ice breaking up, certainly in a better state than the device found in August 2011! We deployed a previous version in Svalbard in spring 2006.

Rangers honoraires

  • Eric et France nommes Rangers canadiens honoraires

Tonight, Jarloo Kiguktak, the head of Grise Fiord Canadian Rangers (view interactive map), invited us to a patrol meeting. To our surprise, we were named honorary Canadian Rangers! Rangers are the eyes and ears in the North...

Yesterday evening we were invited to share the seal that Jeffrey just caught. A treat, both raw and cooked!

Surprising thaw sensation, while the temperature rose from -32°C to -22°C...