Tromso, June 5th 2002,

Greetings from Norway,

Vagabond and her crew are now in Tromso (69-39N 18-58E), since 3rd of June, town from where polar explorers were starting their expeditions during the 19th Century. The director of the Polar Museum, very enthusiastic, invited us to rediscover the great adventures of famous Nansen, Amundsen, and other norwegian heros. Today, the town is very busy with the university and the polar institute.

The french frigate Montcalm, on her way to Murmansk, is also in Tromso now. After having welcomed us very well on board, the captain visited Vagabond yesterday; he will meet the french ambassador in Russia and the Murmansk's governor.

Escorted by many boats, Vagabond left Saint-Quay-Portrieux (Brittany) on 12th of May, with a good and strong wind. Amsterdam was our first stop, then Den Helder where we had appointment with our dutch partner Chartworx (electronic marine charts). On 21st of May, the crew was reaching Norway, at Egersund, where our partner C-Map gave us more charts. Along the magnificent fjords and enjoying very nice stops (Runde, Rorvik, Bodo, Reine and Svolvaer in the Lofoten), Vagabond crossed the polar circle on 29th of May, in ideal conditions. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, there is no drifting ice in Norway !

This month, Kathy Mansfield is telling her experience on board Vagabond in the american magazine Cruising World.

To know more about our life on board Vagabond, to see pictures (photos and watercolors), or to follow us on the map (thanks to, you may visit our website

A bientot !