Since yesterday noon, Vagabond is at her wintering location. The very good shelter we found in an indentation of the moraine, in front of the glacier, is unexpected (77d53.13N - 18d15.83E). We sailed in between ice floes before anchoring in the middle of the very small bay, and there is already enough ice to walk to shore without getting one's feet wet! While settling down the dogs on the beach, a polar bear came as a welcoming committee. We thought he was a bit too curious, he finally went away for few hours, but came back to the dogs in the middle of the night. Their barking was enough then, we saw the polar bear continuing on his way, in the moonlight. This morning, we had to fire an alarm flare to help the dogs to scare him away (the same one?). Since then, he is on the next beach... South wind is now blowing, it's snowing, the temperature is increasing, and Jin and Frost are back on Vagabond's deck for the night, until better ice around Vagabond. Wintering here should not be boring! Eric