12 !

The icepack is showing some nice cracks, but is resisting and already offering interesting results. 2 of the 4 scientists left, as well as the IPEV's representative and the guide, while a cameraman joined us for few days. Samuel was on board Vagabond in Greenland in 2001, and in Russia, in the North-Est Passage, in 2002. We are really glad to welcome him again! About our 4 friends mountaineers, Marc, Jacques, Patrick, and Philippe, travelling from Longyearbyen on skis, they made us very happy when they set up their camp next to Vagabond last night. After meeting us in Kamchatka 2 years ago, where the mountain rescue instructors from Chamonix met their Russian equivalents, we already thought about our next appointment... Also we were 12 people on board for a lively evening! The study of the icepack deformations is going on for the next 4 days (we are now 5 on board); France and I are busy with running the boat, insuring safety on ice during scientific work (polar bears watch), filming with Samuel, snow sampling, measurements with the new CTD... Days seem shorter and shorter, although daylight will be soon permanent!