When I went out from the plane, Friday in Longyearbyen, it was raining! With help from Torgeir (weather man), Jarl (Norwegian Polar Institute) and Sébastien (UNIS), I collected quickly warm clothes, snowmobile, sledge, rifle, food... and we left with Stig's caterpillar truck on Saturday evening. This machine is slow and noisy, but can carry up to 16 passengers sitting in warm. For Stig, Mark (co-pilot), Sébastien (UNIS) and me, it was a 12 hours trip to reach Vagabond. Few problems with the snowmobile, which was then towed but could not escape rolling over 2 or 3 times, also problems with the engine of the snow truck. Warm reunion on board, and I was glad to see the 3 dogs again. Marc first showed me the great emergency igloo he designed, nearby the ice cairn built by Dominique and Hervé from Savoie. Marie prepared a punch, a bread and a Breton cake, making a nice meal with the Swiss fondue that Sébastien brought with him. 4 hours of sleep for everyone, a last team pictur e, and the snow truck left in the darkness. I'm now alone on board, until the end of the polar night, end of February. I first wanted to call France, to share these first moments with her. I will need few days to find my marks again, but the sky is clearing up, the moon light is showing this familiar landscape, a northern light is dancing at south, and the dogs are happy.