Vent du nord

Northerly wind has been blowing for the last 6 days, blowing snow and poor visibility. The Polar Ocean Profiler (POP) could not be deployed in Storfjord, but some tests have been done in Inglefield's Bay, not far from Vagabond. It is close to the glacier front that we found a rather good depth (40m) to experiment this automatic CTD for 24 hours. The Ice Mass Balance (IMB) has not been installed in the too sheltered Inglefield's Bay. This known instrument doesn't need any test, and France and I will have to set it up in Storfjord when the weather will be better. Jean-Claude (French), Danielle (Canadian), Bruce (American) and Simen (Norwegian) had to cancel departure yesterday, but they could leave this morning despite the wind (equivalent chill temperature -42°C). A short week-end for 2 of us, then will come the next crew.