Activité intense

Stefano and his group of tourists came with Hervé on 1st May, and also dropped 60 kg of dog food. Not long after they left, we managed to recover the IMB from its ice vice, not without difficulty. A light easterly wind in the morning fortunately closed up the lead. The next day, we set up for about 15 hours on sea ice, to do another series of measurements with the CTD and the current meter. On our way, it was not easy to call back the dogs, very interested in a female seal protecting her young seal. Extraordinary atmosphere at midnight sun. When coming back to the boat, very early in the morning, we saw 3 dog teams and few tents about 200m from Vagabond. You could imagine how excited were our 3 dogs when they met up with the dogs they grew up with at Arctic Adventure dog yard! Herve and I were then invited to share the breakfast of a dozen of Americans, it was very nice meeting them. I was also happy to see Lisa again, in charge of the dogs, and to get some news from Long yearbyen. Yesterday, about ten skiers from British School of Explorers Society ( came to visit us, wondering what Hervé and I were trying to get from under the ice. They are all together about 30 young graduates skiing around for 3 months. While visits are linked together, we finished taking down the weather mast, and we only have to put everything in boxes and carry them to Longyearbyen with snowmobiles this week-end.