Changement d'équipage

After one week trip around Svalbard, fantastic and unforgettable, Lance arrived yesterday night (permanent day light) at Inglefield Bay, at the end of which Vagabond is peacefully waiting for the complete ice breaking up. The heavy and wet fog did not allow us to use the helicopter to bring the cabin, which is plan to be set up on the moraine close de the yacht, to have a workshop, for DAMOCLES, for the next 2 winterings. Sébastien and I then went with the small boat from Lance to the ice edge where Enora, Yann and the 3 dogs were waiting for us, at about 200 meters from Vagabond. Enora and Jin fell in the water, while we were bringing the small boat alongside the ice, very fragile at this time of the year ; 3 polar bears were watching the scene, probably surprised! Time to meet together was too short and touching, dogs were shouting when Enora and Yann left. We found the boat impeccable and in perfect conditions, with fresh bread, home made yoghurts and even growing sala ds! A real pleasure to have entrusted Vagabond to them for one and a half month.