Premières neiges

Strong wind and snow for the last 2 days, summer is really finished now. Last work and preparations in Ny-Alesund, with now and then some nice parties or projections with the small community of the village. Also when some boats are stopping here: the Nordsyssel, Svalbard governor's ship, could finaly drop the little cabin close to Vagabond's wintering location (the same one from 2004 to 2008); the Lance, Norwegian Polar Institute's , just finished a cruise in Fram Strait, including some work for DAMOCLES. As soon as tomorrow morning, Vagabond will be heading to Longyearbyen, with 2 passengers, Linda, in charge of the small airport of [Ny-Alesund](|default.asp&norelay_hier_id_B27D6E0=37

&area_2=pages%2Fweather&NC=1240X), and Peter, scientific diver for Alfred Wegner Institute.