En place pour le 3ème hiver

Vagabond and her crew left Longyearbyen late on 28 September, the weather was really great. Very nice stop at Hornsund Polish station, where 9 scientists are getting ready for the winter. Excellent conditions then, to do 5 profiles with the CTD, while sailing up Storfjord, enjoying some white beaked dolphins' company. Arrival on 30 September at Inglefield Bay, by night, with lot of drifting ice from the glacier. This one has been loosing hudge parts very often for the last 2 days, creating some fascinating swell. Nicole is getting slowly used to her new place, where she will live alone for the next 3 months. France and I are telling her everything before leaving. Cédric, Philippe and Thierry came to help setting up Vagabond and the camp for the third winter: lines to shore, dog houses, hut, weather station, particles sensor... and regular visits from polar bears!