Tous à bord

Conditions were ideal to drive to Vagabond with snowmobiles, Thursday night, with Ståle, Pia, and few hundreds kilos of equipment. Good snow, clear sky, moon light, and magnificent northern lights, bordered with red. It was really nice after so much work in town to get everything ready (thanks to Jörg, from Norwegian Polar Institute, for his help!). France and Josée came to welcome us on shore, ice is now thick enough to support one person, it was a warm reunion! Ståle, Josée and Pia tried vainly to go back yesterday to Longyearbyen. They had to give up after 2 hours attempt in a snowstorm, then France and I saw them coming back. While waiting for better conditions, we are now 5 on board. Our 3 big dogs left the deck and are again on sea ice.