"After Helle left today with Martin and Sigur who brought Eike as the new crew member to the boat, the quietness of the bay surrounded us again. It was a beautiful day with the sun touching the tip of the mast for the first time and fog lying over the ice here and there. Of course we had to get on a trip with the new dog team: Eike brought Janson and Loki with her to help Jin, Imiaq and Frost in the sledge bulling business. But first we had a briefing about all the do and don't which are important on a boat in the arctic winter. Eike's 2 dogs said hello to the 3 Vagabond dogs already the day before without any fight, and we were quite hopeful that it would work well on the trip: and it did. So with more "dog power" I started to show Eike the wonderful surrounding of Ingelfieldbukta with the result that she had to repeat the phrase "that is sooo beautiful" hundreds of times. We crossed a lot of polar bear tracks on our way and Eike was really amazed about their size and fr equency. Coming back we taped the part of the cabin that a young bear tried to destroy a day before and observed another bear a couple of km away on the sea ice. Despite of that we enjoyed a warm tea and hot chocolate in the boat afterwards. A short weather report: minus 25 degrees in the afternoon and perfectly clear sky and little wind :) What a start for the new crew member. Sanja"