"Yesterday evening surprised us with complete lunar eclipse! The sky was clear and we could follow the eating up of the moon comfortably from the mess after turning off our beloved helicopter fuel lamp. The boat was surrounded by spooky atmosphere of sudden darkening of the night and the stars and northern lights appeared while the moon slowly became emerged in the shadow of the earth. The dark red moon kept us awake until late in the night. The best entertainment in the long evenings is John J. Rowlands' "Cache lake country", which we read aloud to each other every time we need a study brake or at random times of the day. With him we have learned how to lift up a canoe on your shoulders with least effort and what kind of a fly-tying wise is the best in the North Woods. Today we were on a skiing trip with the dogs trying to slow down our progress by sitting on the skis or trying to walk between our legs. Still we managed a snow sampling transect and a photo session with s unglasses on an iceberg after finding out that iceberg climbing is also possible with skis. Sanja and Eike."