En famille

It was still blowing a lot this morning, and temperature went down to -20°C (equivalent to -50°C during gusts). Despite a clear sky yesterday, the 3 scientists had to turn back to Longyearbyen half way, because of blowing snow and snow drifts. The 4 skiers having problems in the storm, not far from Vagabond, could finally be rescue by helicopter. On my side, although I've been alone for a while because of the bad weather, days were passing quietly, taking care of the dogs and the boat... until the helicopter came today around 2pm, with my little family! Thanks a lot to the Governor of Svalbard for the air transportation. Léonie will be 3 weeks old tomorrow, on board with her 2 happy parents. A quick phone call to reassure her grand-mother, having her birthday in the heat in Barcelona, at uncle Piem-the-webmaster's! About the 3 scientists, after a difficult trip, they arrived tonight.