Frozen Five

Yesterday morning, the American group left Inglefieldbukta with a beautiful weather, it was nice following them for a while with our small sledge, before turning back to Vagabond. Then, a few hours later, we could see the Frozen Five ( coming towards Vagabond: after 5 weeks skiing and pulling their pulkas, they were right on schedule! Warm reunion, even our best seal (Léonard) was here to welcome them, next to the scientific hole he is enjoying since we removed the instrument, 50 meters from Vagabond. The Svalbard Scientific Skiing Expedition is staying 2 nights on board, to get some rest and to pack their pulkas with the 150 kg of supplies we have been storing for them. A polar bear came few hours ago and check their big storage wooden box, but all the food was already in a safe place... then the polar bear went to visit our seal, but no chance for any interview, Léonard dived right away. Still 6 weeks of skiing ahead, but the Frozen Five wish it could be longer!