France raconte

"It was a real pleasure to welcome the Frozen Five on board. This morning, they left with Eric on skis and with our 3 dogs to help pulling their heavy pulkas. Alone with Léonie, I was feeding her peacefully when I heard strange sounds: at 5 meters from the boat, a polar bear was working hard on the almost new seat of one of our snowmobiles! Feeding interruption for Léonie, incredulous, who found quickly herself fastened in her baby chair while some shouts and one banger scared away the lout. Coming back inside, the door handle broke! After playing for some time with a wire cable near the cabin, the polar bear came back determined. Poor Léonie: new interruption and this time, two loud flares I sent to stop him getting use to our territory, then she started crying! This story's moral is that we feel destitute without a dog to alert, with a broken door handle, and with a polar bear busy evading your eye to show up without notice... Eric, back to Vagabond, found himself face to face with the polar bear coming back again! We will remember it, particularly since the high polar bear season will begin soon." France