Facteur sportif

Fabrice came to Vagabond last Saturday on skis, 45km without stop from Svea (the closest civilization), helped with a kite for some kilometres. In his pulkas, some mail for us and 10 kilos of fresh food! After few jumps on pack ice with his snowkite, to amaze Léonie on her 3 months anniversary, he left yesterday with our snowmobile, which is now in a safe place for the summer. At Vagabond's wintering location, the snowmobile would be at the mercy of polar bears, and we would probably find it in bad conditions in October, when we'll come back for the fourth winter. For now, pack ice is still very good and experiments keep going by dog sledge. Polar bears are showing up a bit more these days, especially a male following a female for 3 days, they already passed 3 times at Vagabond.