On 19th October, Vagabond was surrounded with new pancake ice. Michael saw the sun for the last time, polar night will last 4 months. The following day, a storm pushed Vagabond on shore: "Bad night. No good sleep. It was banging all the time... In the morning, the stem was on the beach, close to the dogs (they enjoy the show!). Bloody southerly wind. I tried pulling on ropes, but no chance to get out of there." wrote Michael. Finally, wind changed in the evening: "Gust at 70 km/h. The boat was listing with shocks on starboard. Suddenly, it was moving. GPS confirmed that Vagabond was not grounded anymore, and with the search light, I could see the shore going away slowly.". 2 days later, wind was up to 130 km/h, rear ropes broke, and Vagabond ran aground, again, heeled 15°. Happily, by phone yesterday, Michael told me that Vagabond was floating again!