Décès du chien polaire Tassen

I know 2 Tassen in Svalbard. My dog, an elegant Greenlandic with a thick fur "smoking" and tattooed "007". True! He is strong, sound and tough. A little narrow indeed. The second one is a huge Caterpillar used to carry coal at the harbour of Svea mine. No wonder why such a machine has been called like my dog, I often repeated to myself! At 5 o'clock this morning, mechanism jammed. I found out, little moved, that Tassen, the dog, will not be jealous of the red balloon anymore. He flew off as well. In the present storm, some yappings died away at Inglefieldbukta. Today Imiaq will have a new collar. (Sébastien Barrault, transl. EB)