Les pirates de l’Arctique

A special companion joined East Coast animal life few days ago: Arctic tern. This tireless bird is coming straight from the Antarctic, almost non stop (I have respect for him only for that). To tell the truth, I'm not welcoming him with great pleasure. He is part of Arctic pirates. First is the pack ice pirate: the polar bear, unpredictable killer. "Ice adventurers, be careful!". Then the sea pirate: the walrus, audacious destroyer. "Kayakers, be careful!". Then the air pirate: the Arctic tern. "Arm yourself!". This little bird, loudmouthed and tough, can make a hole in your skull till it bleeds to protect his nest on the bare ground. From now on, I will go out with a very special weapon... a wooden stick above my head on which the flying bawler will persist. The clever anti-tern has certainly some weakness, and a major one, it cannot protect from droppings... Temperature: +3,8°C at hostage-taking (transl. EB)