Nouvelle équipe

Léonie and Nael (5 years old) would have enjoyed playing longer together... But it was time for France and Léonie to leave Longyearbyen and to go back to Brittany. Will be back on board in January 2009. In the meantime, Amélie and Hervé, Nael's parents, will look after Vagabond. For now, we are doing together the last many preparations, before leaving Longyearbyen next Monday. We will be heading for Inglefieldbukta, our usual mooring location on the East Coast of Spitsbergen, for a fifth wintering. Mid-October, once the sail boat will be set up for the winter and after giving all instructions, I will leave Vagabond's camp to our substitutes, and to the 5 dogs, for 3 months. Hervé, captain of Tara on holidays on board Vagabond, has a lot of experience! And he is also willing to share family life on pack ice.