Un festival de lumière

  • Festival auroral

"A festival of light. Just imagine: the snow sparkling on the ground, a clear starry sky, the crescent moon and all around us a red and green curtain of light moving, changing forms. Polar lights are one of the most beautiful sight giving by the nature. They come from solar eruptions and those particles in the form of dust soaks by the Hallen's shield witch is the magnetic shield of the earth. This is a amazing sight that you can admire without never tiring. We are lucky because it's unusual to see this phenomena when the moon appears and we had it during three days! We don't hesitate to go outside during the night to make pictures or just for pleasure. We enjoy walking on the ice floe lighted up and since few days we take more measurements of ice. Inside, Nael has begun to put in Christmas decorations he made himself. It's a feast for the eyes everywhere!" Amélie