Un Noël pas comme les autres

  • Sapin de Nael

"A very special Christmas. On Vagabond, I am preparing Christmas’s day with dad and mum. I have asked to the dogs to yap as soon as they will see Father Christmas, like that, I perhaps could see him. I am lucky because his house must be close by. We have decorated inside, and because there isn’t any tree in Spitsbergen, we have made a cardboard one, and France and Eric let us some tinsels. We are going to prepare a good meal and to make a big chocolate cake. There’s a lot of snow here, the boat is still in the ice and I go with dad and mum on pack ice to measure the thickness of the snow and ice. Now I can write all the letters from the alphabet and I can read some words. I also write to my school friends with mum. I am very happy to be here and to do so many things. Happy Christmas to everybody!!!" Nael (5 years old)