Le plus beau des cadeaux : être ici !

  • Noel 2008 Vagabond

"The most beautiful present: to be here ! There’s still another fifteen days to make the most of the luck to be on Vagabond. Our Christmas carols had been the orchestra of the nature: a strong blizzard blowing in gusts. It didn’t stop and still blows at the moment. We had to clear the kennels filled by the snow but the dogs often prefers staying outside rolling themselves into a ball, in that way, the layer of snow insulates them against the cold. We are waiting a better weather to resume the ice measurements on the ice floe. We are beginning to think about our return in our everyday life and we already know that it will be enriched by this unique experience giving us a real impetus. What a lot of things to talk about and to share. But for moment, we have just to enjoy!" Amélie