Mission accomplie

  • Carottier et bathysonde

Jean-Claude Gascard, Damocles coordinator, and his 3 colleagues, Guillaume Massé, Pascaline Bourgain and Michel Jouannic, left yesterday, by snowmobile, with the guide who came from Longyearbyen. Weather has been tricky during their stay on board, and for more than 3 full days we had to stay inside (in good spirits!), it was not possible to do much outside. Pack ice was sinking under the weight of snow, and it was hard to avoid getting stuck in the slush! At least, a good weather window allowed us to set up the oceanographic mooring: since 3 days, MOPS and ADCP are measuring non stop salinity, temperature and current, under the ice in Storfjord, at 9 km east of Vagabond. An Argos beacon is telling us about the instruments' position, which will be recovered around 10th of May.