Phoque et motoneige volante

  • Banquise decrochee

A seal and a flying snowmobile. Here is what Léonie remembers from today. This morning, the weather is very nice, our little family is going on pack ice for usual work and picnic. A seal, curious, looks at us, Léonie and me, then dives. France is meeting us later, on skis behind three dogs. The CTD is just put back when wind from west is rising suddenly, we shorten lunch. "The sea !" is saying Léonie in front of open water. Few hectares of pack ice broke up, a lead is blocking our way, we are drifting offshore at 0,5km/h... Luckily, despite the strong wind, it is not cold, and above all, sky is clear. So the helicopter can come. Soon we are flying over the lead, now huge. The snowmobile and the sledge are transported to Vagabond during the second flight. A third flight is necessary to find again the scientific winch, detached from the sledge. The rescue team was so efficient that we didn't have much time think about such a drift without helicopter... Only the winch did not recover from this misadventure. Now we have to follow Argos position of the scientific instruments set up under the ice, hoping we will be able to reach them soon.