Fin de saison

  • Au bord de la banquise

3 o'clock in the morning, sun is not as high as at midday, and snow is getting harder: it is the right time to go on pack ice and plunge the CTD to the bottom of the fjord. Later, snow will be too soft and the snowmobile will get stuck. Light is superb during the "night". Few ice floes are drifting in the lead nearby, opened by yesterday westerly wind. Last scientists left on Monday evening, as well as France and Léonie, and a lot of equipment. Tomorrow, camp will be tidy up and I will be finished with instructions to Julien, who will replace me for 3 weeks. No sooner had he arrived at Vagabond than he could see a female polar bear and her two cubs, passing not far from us, while doing some pack ice thickness measurements.