• Mesure temperature neige
  • Traces d ours dans la brume

Many reasons to have a party: summer solstice, music, fathers, Fred's 40th birthday... and the new label given to Vagabond, now Patrimonial Interest Boat! I try to imagine the atmosphere that most of those reading me might know these days. But I'm enjoying without regret the world around me, which doesn't care about yesterday or tomorrow. My neighbours the barnacle geese finished parading and are sitting on without a break. Terns are always screaming to give notice of their arrival. Seals are sunbathing, keeping one eye open. Polar bears are not yet visiting much Inglefield Bay, as pack ice is till allowing them to hunt further off shore. Sometimes, fog is taking hold, and I must trust the dog with me, even more on the watch when we meet fresh polar bear tracks.