De la visite

  • Ours s etire

The icefield surrounding us is still melting down, and we spent part of the day loosing the ropes that tight the boat to the coast, freeing them from the ice when it was possible. Meanwhile an intense activity was occuring around us; a young polar bear caught a seal, but an older male took him his prey. A third one joined them, offering us the strongest's law ballet. Later, after having watched a couple of pictures, a bear -one of the three fore mentioned?- visited us, having a rest on the ice, close to the boat. He gave in to curiosity and came at less than 3 meters from us! Even so, we had to through a banger to dissuade him from settling down for the night along the hull. Just when Eric and France were telling us that the bears were pretty shy this year. (Soifran et Eric)