Liverpool Land

  • Petit Ecotroll

Last week, Ecotroll was lifted up on the deck of the supply ship of the Royal Arctic Line, while in the village, very expected containers were received one by one. Repair was quick, thanks to Arina Arctica's crew, and sailing along Liverpool Land could carry on...

Again, our boat is at anchor in front of Ittoqqortoormiit. The three ornithologists, and all their equipment, left the little auk colony with us this morning. A polar bear was looking at us from a distance, as if he was ready to recover his lost ground... The day before, we celebrated David's birthday around a fire made from drifted wood (from Siberia), enjoyed a home made sauna (and a short dive in the frozen sea!), and watched once more thousands of little penguins flying together.

Before picking up the scientists, we discover great beaches at Rathbone Island, and their coy fox. Then Ecotroll found her way between many icebergs gathered in fjord Vejle, near glacier Bjerring Pedersens. Some remains of pack ice were also expecting us, reminding us nicely ice breaking up periods in Svalbard, every year around mid-July. A polar bear was in ambush, lying on the ice, trying to catch one of the many seals, all more foolhardy than near the village.

Tomorrow, with Patrice and his crew, we should sail towards the end of the huge Scoresby fjord.

Position (Google Maps).