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Heavily loaded when starting from Ittoqqortoormiit, Ecotroll carried equipment for next Ecopolaris project (GREA). The 5 people team was expecting us at the Danish scientific station of Zackenberg, in the National Park. They embarked on board our small vessel to sail to the nearest airport (Constable Point). More than 600 miles (1100 km) done in less than 6 days for this logistical trip. On the way, two polar bears (one surprised us when we were having a nap on a beach!), walruses, seals, muskox... and many birds. We passed Daneborg, the Sirius patrol base, watching the Park, then we visited the scientific station, and also some old trappers huts. Last night, wind and waves were pushing Ecotroll over 9 knots between icebergs, cliffs and poor mapped coast of Liverpool Land, while darkness is coming back more and more... High sensations for everyone! Job done for Ecotroll, she will be leaving Greenland tomorrow: heading South, with Marc and Alain, our crew members for the trip Scoresby Sund - La Rochelle.

Position (Google Maps).