Strendur, le retour

  • En attendant le vent2

Another nice stop in Iceland, in Neskaupstadur (swimming pool, museum, restaurant, playground...), allowed us to reduce pleasantly the crossing to Faeroe Islands. Pushed by swell and wind, the faithful ship and her crew in good shape reached the archipelago within less than two days. However, we were slowed down by a strong current between the islands, able to drive us backward for a short while!

Ecotroll left Klaksvik this morning under electric power, then she enjoyed a little back wind to use her big kite. With the current, islands were passing fast, until the wind dropped and the wing felled into the sea! Few trials and three recovers later, diesel engines were started to sail the last few miles, against wind and current that time, and to reach Strendur harbour. This is where Ecotroll was taken out of the water in June, it is here that she will have some more controls and improvements, with the help of local Nannidiesel agent, and a technical team coming from France and Italy.