• Vagabond a Ipiutaq

Vagabond is leaving Ipiutaq guest farm, and is heading for Nuuk, Greenland's capital. Arrival is planned in two days. The junior seamen Arthur and Arnoul are staying with Jacky Simoud, and will be back to school in Brest by the end of the week. Jacky is French and has been leaving in Greenland for 35 years, he promised to get our two crews busy up to their departure! He was on board last night, at anchor at Ipiutaq, for a little party with Agathe, her husband Kalista, and their daughter Ina, same age than Léonie. We have been waiting for this moment for a long time, to share our experiences with this little French-Greenlandic family. They are breeding sheeps and have a guest house. Somehow, there are many similarities between holding a remote farm in Greenland, and keeping a floating hut in the Arctic.

Three days ago, after sailing through and around drifting ices (and their many seals!) for a long time, keeping us away from Cape Farewell, Vagabond entered the magnificent fjords of South Greenland. It took us three weeks, since our departure from Brest, to meet up again: France, Léonie and Aurore have been expecting us for already nine days in Narsaq! It is also there that our friend Carlos joined our crew, and we are now eight people on board. A few pieces of ice taken on our way allowed us to have some good fresh water, until we could fill up tanks yesterday from a nice waterfall.