• Glaces 8 juin 2011

Ice were about to keep Vagabond near Narsaq, we had to work hard to find our way out of the fjords! So much that we broke our sonar. Then, it was open water all the way up to Nuuk, where we spent two days near the yacht of a little Austrian family about to attempt the North-West Passage. On June 9th morning, a short while after our arrival, the French Ambassador came to visit us to invite the entire crew to French Days in Nuuk. This was absolutely not expected, and we were very glad to meet again with Max Audibert, Jean-Christophe Victor, Henriette Rasmussen, Pierre Tavernier... around a nice buffet with French cheese and wine! The following day, Max came for a little party on board, as we were happy being together again (we met in 2000 on the East Coast), also to say goodbye to our team mates Léa and Vincent (now going surfing in Iceland), and for my birthday. For Léonie and Aurore, the best moment of our stop in Nuuk was at the swimming pool. It could be more than a year before we will see again a real city.