• Rencontre en bordure de banquise

June 23rd. Vagabond is gliding on a sea like a mirror, until her stem slowly climbs on pack ice. Three Greenlanders are approaching by dog-sled. They accept my invitation: they tie their dogs to the boat and they come on board. Nuussuaq is five kilometres away, and pack ice is fragile with many holes at this time of the year. Snowmobiles are resting until next winter. Dogs are the safest solution to go from the village to the open sea, before the complete breaking up. Now, six people are arriving by motor boat. While speeding up his powerful outboard engine, the pilot is handling his mobile phone with his gloves made from polar bear skin. Then, everybody is coming on board to visit Vagabond, before going to the village. Two dog teams are pulling, on ice, the motor boat, two sleds, and about ten people waving at us happily. In the background are snowy mountains and sunny ice cap. The scene could be from another time.