Cinéastes à Grise Fiord

  • Aksakjuk inspecte filet phoque
  • Larry decoupe phoque
  • Presque pret au depart

Wednesday, I drive Léonie to the school Spring Show, in Grise Fiord. The cameramen are with us to film the event, almost all town is gathering in the gymnasium!

Léonie is quite sad when Ariane is leaving by plane, the next day, but she is happy going to school for two days. The film crew takes the opportunity of our stay in town to meet some of our friends. Jimmy is welcoming us in his Arctic College office, Larry is showing us how he cuts a seal to feed his dogs, Aksakjuk is checking his seal net (no seal on that day), and Kavavow is leaving with his dog team for a long polar bear hunt.

Saturday evening, we meet again with France and Aurore, on board Vagabond. Temperature is mild (-10°C), light is beautiful, new snow is glistening in the sun.