Phoque et ours

  • Bonne chasse

Finally, it is not with the net neither with the blind that France caught a seal, yesterday, but only by surprise, by snowmobile. The foolhardy seal, not like the others, didn't dive when we came to his hole. France just pushed him away from the hole. Then, avoiding scratches from the terrified seal, all the more as the dogs were bitting his tail, she shot at point-blank range. Enough to make mittens for next winter, and to feed the dogs until ice breakup.

Day starts with a quiet picnic and a walk to a big waterfall, then some depth measurements in the fjord. France is driving the snowmobile from hole to hole, the happy girls are in the sleigh, and I'm skiing behind with the dogs following the track. Sometimes I move away to film, while skiing. Besides, I didn't stop filming during the unexpected hunting session (girls were sleeping). When back to the boat, with our blood-stained seal on the sleigh, we discover that a polar bear visited our camp! He brought down a tripod, he opened the dogs box but, strangely, didn't eat their seal meat, then he check the hull very close... a young bear who let many tracks everywhere, but no damage.