A terre

  • Beaching Grise Fiord

On September 17th, we have a good weather option and we leave Greenland. Crossing to Canada is quick but tiring. Wind is pushing us in the right direction, but it is hard to make a difference, in the wavy nights, between ice and white caps... On the other hand, the children are totally accustomed to life at sea, and are jumping for joy when they see Grise Fiord early morning on 19th! Jeffrey is following Vagabond's track on the Internet and is greeting us by radio, then friends are coming to welcome us on the beach, and later in the evening, Liza is organizing a little party for our return. A sweet feeling of being back home.

The next day already, all conditions are gathered to haul Vagabond out of the sea: a high equinoctial tide, a calm sea and an available loader. At 4pm, the boat is on land, for ten months! Thus, invited by our friends, we will spend the winter in the middle of the village, close to them, to the dogs, to the school... A new life is starting. We also are at a good place to do the winter scientific field work, renewed and expanded by the researchers.

There is no protected bay in front of the village; it would have been too risky, while it is the storm season, to drop anchor and, as usual, wait for the sea to freeze around.