Séjour en France

  • Sieste sur les genoux du commandant

In the end, Kenn Borek's Twin Otter arrived. We left Vagabond to Jeffrey's care, and we said goodbye for two months to our friends from Grise Fiord. As the plane was 24 hours late, we were about to wait for five days in Resolute Bay... but luckily, a plane from Northwestern was passing by and the two pilots offered us a ride to Yellowknife the next morning! Memorable encounter and experience, each of us could sit in the cockpit and pilot. Then our journey was all modified, as before Paris we had to change plane in Calgary and in London. When flying above North Quebec, northern lights were fantastic.

After seventeen months in the Arctic, for the past ten days and for the coming weeks, on the menu: reunion with our families, friends and partners; festivals, conferences and shows. Léonie found again the school in Hanvec, accompanied for the first time with her little sister Aurore.

See weather in Grise Fiord.