Resolute Bay

  • Jeux exterieurs devant hotel Resolute

South Camp Inn. This is the name of the hotel where we are waiting for a call from Kenn Borek, the only airline flying from Resolute Bay to Grise Fiord. We left France one week ago, and we hope to reach Vagabond and our friends in Grise Fiord before Christmas! Six of them are here with us, looking forward to be back home.

Our journey back to Canada started with a festive evening and a short night with polish sailors, in Toronto. Then, the bad weather pushed us to visit Iqaluit, the capital of Nunavut (6500 people): two nice unexpected days with Sue, our host. Finally, since Saturday, we're stuck in a blizzard in Resolute Bay. To this was added yesterday a widespread power outage! Where we understand the energy dependence of a small village immersed in the cold polar night...

Meetings are not lacking and easily mistaken expectation, Aurore and Léonie have even see Santa!