Banquise en pleine croissance

  • Cap Sud 2 fevrier

The ice growth is 1.11 cm per day on average since mid-December. It was 0.61 cm/d at the same period last year for the same number of freezing degree-days). The small amount of snow is the main explanation: currently 2 cm against 10 cm a year ago. In addition, the recent acceleration of ice growth shows a decline in oceanic heat source.

Tightly wrapped in a sleeping bag, the icemeter (EM31) has kindly run for two hours yesterday, despite the cold: -36 °C and sustained westerly wind! In my case, I enjoyed the small Plexiglas plate that enhances the windshield 10 cm. The 60 km survey shows that the ice at the entrance of South cape Fiord is thinner, the influence of the ocean is stronger, as we observed when overwintering last year in this fjord.

For its part, the CTD shows that below 150-200 m, ie below the sills isolating the deep waters of Jones Sound, the water is not likely to have changed much in 15 years. In front of Grise Fiord, the depth rapidly exceeds 500 m!