Before the sailing season

  • Decoupe narval
  • Recuperation IMB
  • Franchissement crack

There is still ice in front of Grise Fiord, open water is at about twenty kilometres from the village. Despite cracks more and more difficult to cross, hunters are still travelling by snowmobile, sometimes with their family, and they carry small boats for safety and narwhal hunting. So our dinghy went for a ride, however it remained well strapped to a sled. I also got the curiosity of my friends with the hydrophone, which allows you to listen and record seals, walruses and whales underwater. Some new sounds for them!

July 9 was Nunavut Day, the weather was beautiful (2°C, light southerly wind, bright sun). Draw for a muskox hide, cake contest, wooden duck race in the river, music and barbecue... Twenty years after the creation of Nunavut, testimonies evoke pride, regret and hope (read articles from CBC or Al Jazeera). A statue created by three artists including Looty Pijamini from Grise Fiord (author of the Exile Monument), was inaugurated in Iqaluit for the occasion (discover Nunavut's capital in 3D).

Gradually work and maintenance on board Vagabond occupy most of our time, while the last measurements are carried out on the ice every two or three days. The main current program is to follow the melting snow, the drain of meltwater, and the formation of melt ponds at the surface of the ice. The melt cycle is disrupted this year with unusual precipitation! The IMB station has been recovered, while the three cameras continue their timelapse series (every 30 minutes).