• Lecture livre d or cabane Etah

A little further North, we come to Etah. Historical shelter for Inuits coming from Canada (40 km away, on the other side of Smith Sound), the end of Foulke Fjord, beautiful glaciated valley with luxuriant tundra, is still visited by hunters and expeditions. After watching three muskox on the northern side of the fjord, we find two motor boats at anchor. Six Greenlandics from Qaanaaq are staying in the best hut, two older cabins are in ruins. While walking towards the glacier, we see fifteen more muskox, and a skin left by hunters not long ago. Many hares, birds, and a fox looking at us from a distance. In the evening, after a last hunt, the Greenlandics are taking advantage of the better weather and sail away. The next morning, France is picking up the muskox skin, pretty well cleaned already, and set it up to dry at the back of Vagabond. It will improve our comfort in the sleigh next winter! I dive to put back the probe of the sonar, and to check and film the marks under the hull, from the groundings and from last winter on land in Grise Fiord. The hull is solid, only paint is missing in places!