Christmas games

  • Jeux de Noel suite

Christmas Games in Qikiqtarjuaq (From December 23rd to January 3rd) have been an amazingly funny time. A very special moment in the year as the whole village vibrates to the sound of the community activities, while the daylight is at the shortest. Every evening we gather for various games, all very creative and unexpected: paper airplane contest, basketball tournament imitating monkeys, dices games, candies throws and even races with a piece of paper in your bottom! Dancing, singing, making faces, the most popular games are often the ones where we look really ridiculous.

On Christmas Eve, a gigantic feast is organised with local clams and narwhal Maqtak and the Hamlet team gave out a variety of fruits.

A religious ceremony with all the faiths happened on both Christmas’ and New Year’s Eve, this last one being followed by a parade with all the cars of the village. We would have never imagined that there were so many! We drove in each street and the parade ended on the sea ice.

Those games, parties and ceremonies have been an amazing opportunity to meet new people and learn more about each family and family members. A great time for visits, presents and invitations. We even have been invited to stretch the festivities by playing “Uno” in a cabin 40km south of Qikiqtarjuaq, far away from the village parties.

On the boat, all is good, the ice is now almost 75cm thick. No snowfall for a long time, but tonight a blizzard warning is in effect. We were missing it for a complete experience before our departure in 10 days. The Brossier family is on its way and actually in Quebec to organise the next scientific mission of Vagabond.

Until then, we will watch the sun coming back, go to school to present the movie done with the students and sadly, prepare our luggage…