Good Friday

  • Leonie kite bonne brise

Aurore, Leonie and I finished emptying and filling eggs with melted chocolate. Enjoying a gentle breeze, Leonie takes out her kite and practice a little bit. The next time she will try with her skis! France is walking back from the lab (about one hour walk), she gives a good piece of narwhal meat to Pikuli and Takuli, and prepares a homemade pizza for the family. Leonie tells us about his first night in town, at Mary and Steevie's, the day of the total lunar eclipse. That same day, I was diving with Steevie, and also Charlie. Sampling of bivalves (for science and for the plate!), of algae under the ice with a slurp gun, and of sediments. Caroline left yesterday. In the morning, together we discovered big bear tracks near the weather mast. Tomorrow, I will see if the bear came back to visit the scientific equipment. Despite some upheaval, there was no damage!