First week-end free ! by France

  • Escale sud ile Broughton
  • En route pour un week-end au sud

We just had our first free Sunday. Now, the lab work ends up Saturday morning. So at 11am precisely, our little family left with snowmobile and qamutiq with a good enthusiasm, heading South, for a first family camping! Is it our need of fresh air? It looks like sailing in a surrealistic world on some fresh powder: so many islands and steep cliffs sticking out from a perfect smooth ice, large bays idyllic for navigation... but everything is frozen, white. Just unreal. A small tour of friends cabins on different sites, then the tent is pitched on a corner of sea ice, close to ... near the hamlet of Tassialuit where Jacopee and Ulli are spending the weekend. An expected and deserved change after these weeks of non-stop scientific work.

Early Monday morning, we leave for a very complete ice station at the study site, then follows the lab session, and then in the evening, a nice feast in town. Always ready for more, on Tuesday morning, we join for the the annual school trip: 11 qamutiq and snowmobiles, the whole school on the road, the caravan crosses Brougthon Island from west to east with some difficult passes before arriving on a lake for enjoying picnic, fishing in holes, sliding, climbing to a bear den freshly abandoned... We drive back to town by circling the island from the south through a beautiful ice somewhat chaotic. One hour later, Christian Haas landed in Qikiqtarjuaq for 8 days of scientific field work.