Easter camping and games

  • Camping et pleine lune de Paques
  • Caribou clams algues phoque pour Paques

Although it is early in the season, the girls are pushing us to go camping. Piculi and Ponyo enjoy following us through hummocks until the end of the first fjord, north of Qikiqtarjuaq. Our tent is quickly set up, then the sun can gently heat it up while we climb a bit to enjoy the view and play and slide on slopes. At 5pm, the cold falls again and inside our family cocoon, the -30°C will not reach the children, warmly wrapped up. Meanwhile, the full moon give us a show, between shadows and illumination, all over the surrounding mountains.

On Easter Sunday, it takes a while for our children to look for eggs, so well hidden on the ice and in the snow. We even find some lemming tracks going across the fjord on the sea ice!

Back to Qik on Monday, we take part in ice sculpture competition (adults), snow man competition (children), then various races, as well as the famous dog sled race with his specific rule: only one dog, a child on a sled, an adult leading ahead. Leonie gets ready with our dog Piculi... and wins!!! Helped by her mom, breathless to run with heavy boots in the snow!

This day is closed by a feast of frozen or cooked caribou, raw seal meat, and fresh clams seaweeds.