From diving to school!

  • Les points noirs sont des clams
  • Atelier dessin benthos avec France

Algae, sea urchins, Serripes, clams, various shells and starfish, that's what Eric has collected during his last dive under the ice. Also samples of microalgae, giving brownish colour to the underside of the ice, and sediment samples from the bottom of the sea.

The next day, this material becomes source of observation, astonishment, desire sometimes (yum, can we eat them?), with students from all classes of the school! Mary Helen and Anita explain what GreenEdge scientists are studying here now, they show pictures of the ice camp and also, they let them touch all this alive material with their curious or greedy hands, explaining how each one can feed and move under their sea ice.

Then I host an artistic workshop: the fresco prepared shows the depth of the ocean with Qikiqtarjuaq, his mountains and thick ice. Looking at shellfish and algae laid in front of them, children manipulate, draw and paint with enthusiasm, before sticking their varied and colourful achievements on the drew ocean! This was an exciting day at school, with discoveries for kids and two beautiful frescoes painted!

The evening menu: clams, prepared in two ways by our cooks just arriving from France!