• Kite et ski-chien
  • Musique en balade

We all need to rest at the end of this week, Eric even took his Saturday off. The weekend starts with a bit of wind, we take the opportunity with Eric to play with our kites (despite persistent pain after the avalanche). When the wind dies down, I go with Leonie who decided to ski pulled by Ponyo. I do the same with Piculi. The puppy begins to be as strong as his mother! But the wind comes back, so I switch my dog ​​for the kite, while Ponyo, very excited, follows my sail with Leonie!

After some maintenances in the engine room or under the sun (repairing the generator, acrobatic sewing on the solar panels), comes the end of weekend getaway. Eric rushes back from the ice camp to join our family on Sunday afternoon. When the snow becomes hard again, late in the day, he makes a snowmobile trail with Aurore, while Léonie and I are following by skijouring with our dogs, up to a nice view. Overlooking the sea ice in the sun, Eric set up the keyboard on the back of qamutiq, Aurore is dancing, and I play along with Eric with a flute. These magic moments engrave some smiles in our hearts.